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Academic / Education

Experiential learning becomes more meaningful and requested by the students, schools, teachers and parents.

Mixed reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) is the new way to learn.
It's mean that part of the standard tools will change to the new technologies that will bring an added-value to the classroom.

Think about a student who is trying to figure out what part is larger two-thirds or three-quarters with workbooks,  or a student that has a test on the digestive system and he need to paint in coloring books all the digestive system parts and to recognize them.

Now, imagine the same student use the new platform - Mixed reality , and he use a stylus pen with a virtual glasses, and he can turn the object 360 degrees, can take each one of the digestive system parts and to look into or behind object and can take it out from the screen, to put it on the table, to save the picture and to send it to his teacher by email.
Or a student with virtaul glasses in a cave/cube that built as advanced learning tools and he can see and feel models like it standing in-front of him.

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