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Sprout Pro maximizes your productivity by removing barriers at key stages of your workflow. By combining 3D capture of real-world objects with simple yet powerful editing tools, Sprout Pro lets you quickly and easily bring your ideas to life. Sprout Pro includes a new high performance processor and memory technologies, Windows 10 Pro, basic manageability and security features and comes with a 3 year commercial warrant.

Sprout Pro by HP

Curved and Interactive Virtual Reality Z DisplaysGet ready for new digital experiences – completely immersive and stunningly brilliant. Choose from an expansive, curved visual and audio experience that includes a stellar front of screen presentation and consistent imagery across the entire display with the HP Z34c. Or go for an interactive virtual-holographic 3D1 experience where your natural movements are tracked in real-time without latency with the HP Zvr. Either way, it’s time for a new way of visualizing your work!

HP Specialty Z Displays