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Healthcare / Medical

AVR and Hologram contents for Medical and Healthcare

Mixed reality  (combination between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) provide a fantastic way to present the new reality platform for medical and healthcare for realtime system and education.
The platform enabling students / doctors and other medical staff to learn and examine the human body system with a new tools in an advanced reality.

Students can perform experiments in the human body, learn and investigate the systems and anatomy in a safe and effective way with holograms, virtual reality and augmented reality.
There are advanced tools whose assist to study and analyze the systems of the human body with full anatomy models in 360 view, 3D , virtual and augmented reality.

The platform can be use by K12 (Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools) and also universities, schools for alternative medicine, physiotherapy schools and any place where learning anatomy.

Doctors and medical teams
The platform can be use also to diagnostic imaging results like MRI, CT

Applixor has a special solution based on the new platform - mixed reality.

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