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VIVED Anatomy

VIVED Anatomy is the highest quality visual and interactive software for learning anatomy in 3D. It enables users to view the human body and perceive spatial relationships like never before. The system is built on advanced engineering and simulation technologies.
Our models are medically accurate and present the latest in technological advancement. Anatomists and medical doctors have worked over the past 5 years to ensure fidelity to human anatomy.

Every Aspect of the human body has been represented in 3D. Our 3D models were created from CT/MR images and actual cadavers, and reviewed by medical doctors and professors of anatomy. A comprehensive effort focused on modeling every anatomical structure larger than 1mm in size, yielding medical level accuracy and detail.

  • Visualize in 3D to gain unsurpassed understanding of spatial relations
  • Most accurate 3D anatomical models, validated by medical doctors and anatomy professors
  • Detailed anatomy
  • Over 4,300 structures modeled in 3D
  • Over 13,500 anatomical landmarks, labeled
  • Over 25,000 cryogenic cross-sectional images
  • Over 750 CT/MR sections throughout the body
  • A variety of interactive tools provide the user with full control of the 3D model
  • Author Mode enables compilation and playback of detailed anatomy presentations
  • Hierarchical structures and search function linked to a database of Anatomica Terminologia
Interactive in 3D

Employing camera functions such as a zoom, rotate, pan, and the user is able to examine and manipulate the scene. The user can peel or hide anatomical structures to reveal obstructed objects.


Over 13,500 anatomical labels are provided, based on the Anatomica Terminolgia standard.


A powerful search engine is provided to manage access to the internal database. Searches may yield CT/MR images, illustrations, anatomical objects, landmarks, and other relevant 3D models.

CT / MR Imaging

With 10 sets of CT/MR scans (over 750 images) correlated to the appropriate position in the body, a user can browse various scans and learn the interpretation and relation of a scan with respect to the body.

Author Mode

Our Author Mode feature allows instructors to construct, save, and play back detailed presentations using text and detailed 3D models to highlight subtle scientific concepts focused on the human body.


Embedded quizzing feature challenges student to find anatomical structures and answer multiple choice questions.

You can use these application with zSpace display.

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