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Virtual Reality Rental And 360 Contents

Virtual Reality Rental Solution

With our Virtual Reality Rental solution, Everyone can learn with meaningful learning. How? Applixor Technologies provides renting solution of the best Virtual Reality quality Glasses with a suitable smartphones and suitable educational content for 5-20 studants in a class so the students can live the lesson and learn with their own eyes.
 Applixor Technologies provides:
  • 3-5-15 Bobo Z4 VR Glasses
  • 3-5-15 Suitable Smartphones
  • VR Content
  • Router
  • Classnet

Virtual Reality Content

Applixor Technologies also provides 360 and Virtual Reality content such as-
  • 360 Virtual Tours​
  • 360 / VR Applications
  • 360 / VR Promotional videos
  • 360 / VR Commericals
  • 360 / VR Educational videos

According to the customer's demand.

How ? 
  1. We take high-quality 360 photos or videos
  2. We are stitching the content to make it editable and viewable
  3. We edit the content with the best editing softwares available
  4. We can export it to your Youtube page, Facebook, website and also we can build you mini website with the virtual tour or 360 video

"Shegem" (Rishon Lezion Israel) Children and Youth Furniture Store in 360 and Virtual tour

"PARADIVE" (Habonim beach Israel) parachuting center in 360 and Virtual tour

Virtual tours, 360 videos for examples

Video 360