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The Future Of Learning
HP Zvr / zSpace

The Solution is a Virtual Reaity display HP zVR and zSpace with 3D models, content for Education or Business use. We can interact the objects on the screen and bring them to the real world and back to the screen. Students can learn and explore new things with their own hands using the stylus pen to move and resize objects.
By using a special 3D glasses with sensors that content to sensors on the screen the user can get a Hologram object.

What is it ?

 Applixor Technologies provides:
  • 3 / 5 OR 15 screens
  • 3 / 5 or 15 workstations
  • VR Content - Medical, space, science etc.
  • 1 Router
  • 50" screen
  • Classnet
for a 5-15 students in a class to explore the 
Virtual Reality experience.

Our solutions

Virtual Reality Learning Experience